2 weeks later

The results of the tumour analysis are in - but not yet known. I have an appointment for those next week. Meanwhile I have been receiving some complementary therapies along with the Sit Stay Heal program. Which ones? All rightie - a list:
* Another Journey session which obliterated some old stuck belief in the bones;
* daily pet therapy - walking a dog, feeding a cat, relating on a non-verbal level;
* lymphatic massage to get it all moving and decrease the scar tissue;
* frequent doses of funny movies and laughing out lound - this is one of the best!
* the start of a qi-gung program into the life;
* baking, talking on the phone and otherwise aimlessly connecting with friends;
* researching hormones and here I have 2 more books for you:
'Natural Hormone Balance for Women' by Uzzi Reiss, M.D./O.B.GYN. (2001)
'Sexy Hormones' by Lorna R. Vanderhaeghe, MS and Alvin Pettle, MD (2007)
Both available from Amazon, who by the way, have an amazing delivery time. Ordered on Sunday, received on Wednesday.
Lots to learn here if I am to navigate the estrogen highway without medication. Back to the SSH while I begin......................Su-An

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