Three down, one to go!

The pattern is that some of my drugs on the day of treatment induce a great high and energy for the first 48 hours, giving time to do laundry, purchase ginger ale and arrowroot cookies, and generally setting up for the following week of treating the body as a baby, allowing the dance to begin. I need to create a no-stress retreat environment during that week -my only concerns to be around eating, resting, a little activity, a little elimination, and then again repeating the cycle -eating...........This way, the body's natural intelligence takes over and I can rest easy.

The good news is that my blood count was adequate for the treatment to happen. The better news is that shingles is not a side-effect of chemotherapy, which means it may not reappear. Apparently, if you are over 50, and have had chicken pox as a child, the chances of you manifesting shingles is more likely than not. A somewhat scary thought.

For me this time, the chemo depletes the immune system, which allowed for the shingles to come forth, but maybe that wasn't such a bad thing - it brought the virus out into the open. I can say this now, the best news, as miraculously the pain disappeared on Sunday morning, and I am pain-free, with just a sense of a sunburn around the blisters. How that happened, who knows, but I attribute it to the anti-virals, the homeopathy, the acupuncture, my yoga practice, the Thai Yoga Massage treatment, all that, along with a large dose of prayer and grace. I am very pleased. I have been blessed in this life with very little body pain (heart and mind is another story!). I see how it infiltrates and insinuates itself bringing the whole system down. One good side effect of this is that I now have a whole lot more understanding and compassion for others in such pain.
That's the news for today. SuAn

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