Life's journey

Life's journey when it meets cancer is a bit like getting lost in the woods - anything can happen, and it will. These last 2 days have found me spending my afternoons and early evenings in the emergency department of the local hospital. Going for my shower that first morning I found a very large golf ball of a lump under my armpit. So that explained the tingling I was feeling at the elbow but making no connection to the wound. DUH! This is a wonderful example of the brain fog that follows a general anaesthetic, slightly reminiscent of the major brain fog that accompanies chemotherapy. The health professionals never mention these things.

My friend tells me that a visit to the Emergency Department of a hospital is a crapshoot - defined in the dictionary as a "highly uncertain venture." I agree with that. The first visit was an excellent experience, the second, totally opposite. At that point my inner resources were finished and I exited gracefully stage left.
Comment on the weekend: Life's journey is a crapshoot.

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