Post surgery

A general anaesthetic must be the black hole of consciousness. One minute on the table, and as if the next minute coughing awake in the recovery room with no sense of any time having passed. I am thankful for anaesthesia, along with the amazing kindness of all hospital employees.
In days of yore, aspiring yogis would be sent to the cremation ground to meditate all night on the transient nature of the body. These days I suggest you spend a morning in the waiting room of a hospital's day surgery. You will get the point. It is a humbling experience - a disillusionment of belief in this human body as permanent. Yet, because there is someone, something, some consciousness who is ever present, we naturally search for this and put it on what we see - our bodies! As I allow time to heal the wound of the knife cut, (partial mastectomy and sentinel node removal)I reflect on these matters and wonder at this thing I call life with what I call me in it.

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