This week saw a wonderful  advance to my project.  I have secured the help of a medical doctor who is an expert in hormones; she practices helping women naturally balance their own.  Yeah!  This is a huge step. 

I am of the opinion that we are still at the early learning stage when it comes to hormones.  I compare it to the undestanding of vitamins.  They were first discovered around a century ago and named one at a time after that.  And now, one hundred years late, we know that  there are hundreds of these micro-nutrients in one apple alone!
In other words, we are living at a very exciting time regarding our understanding of hormones.  Given that I am dealing with a hormone related cancer, I want to work with someone who understands them the best.  This week I found that person!  She has agreed to work with me after the allopathic treatments. This gives me enormous relief - I really don't have to start with Tamoxifen in the fall.  Yeah!  We did one blood test pre-chemo, and will continue the experiment come October.  And it is an experiment.  There ain't much out there regarding post-menopausal women and balanced hormones, just vague memories of elderly aunts with hairy chins and stooped backs.  Let's not go there! 

First chemo Monday morning - heavy metal induction.  I am ready as ready can be, trying not to cloud this time around with last time's memories.  Each day a new day.
Stay tuned, Su-An

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