Powerful numbers for the day -10 01 10 or 01 10 10 or 01 10 20 10 - whatever way you look at it - pretty darn good........
Today I sat with a group of healing practitioners and began to create a plan of healing using complementary therapies. Loosely the following:

Pursue allergy release with a NAET practitioner over time.
Do lymphatic massage after surgery - repeat and add rebounding daily.
Before the op - Therapeutic Touch
Right after op - Praanic Healing
later - Emotional clearing of dad/Aura polishing/Hormone adjustment

Let's see if it works! How I am in 1 year, 5, 10 - let's say we'll look at my health state then and see what has worked. I guess if I am alive I can say it is working. After that, really it's a matter of whatever gets you through the night - whatever works. It's just that I have this very strong feeling/idea that the body can live forever. How stupid can a person get? Yet, still I try - my new dance. I know who will win in the end. That death God Yam, he came and told me last time that he'd be waiting for me. But we can certainly give him a good run for his money. So bury me with a dollar in my hand as payment for his pleasure.......good song title, but please burn, not bury, otherwise my soul will not be liberated.

Enough for today - day one of my action plan, day ten of the new year, month one, year one of the decade,
Su-An the mirror

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