Front runner

As I zoom in on hormonal links to this and that, it becomes very clear that not much is known about post post menopausal women and hormones. Research and education is catching up on all the ages up to menopause, but 10 years after? 20 years after? It will be my baby-boomer generation demanding this news as we start to live more than half our lives outside of menopause. (age 0-12 and 55-100 gives us a good 50+ years without monthly bleeding.) Think about that for a minute. The implications and ramifications are huge on so many levels, personal and planetary. So once again I am ahead of my time. This has been somewhat of a theme in my life - early in the game, but never 100% poised to take advantage of it. Finally I had thought a possibility with what I have created over the last 8 years, except I see I have neither the support nor the funds to see it through. The real work of course will be on the level of ego and marvelling at its constant need to reaffirm itself. There must be another way - this journey to discover it.
All for now, Su-An

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