The hospital revisited

All day medical tests - the staff says I won't feel the pinch, but I do. I feel everything.
I sat for a while in reception, watching. The parking lot was full, the place humming. This meeting place has taken over from the community centre and the mall. I experimented my latest alchemical practice, breathing in pain, breathing out love.
Vignettes of old man pushing old wife in new wheelchair - poor fellow - only by chance did she get the easy chair first. Another guy waiting; upon a small hello from my side, he released a torrent of suffering. He couldn't breathe. It's a strange place a hospital. I sat a while in the very small chapel and meditated. One enormous animal of a hospital for the body and one tiny room for the soul - somewhere I think we have gotten things back to front.
So begins my journey into this world. I accept where I am with it. I accept where I am with it. I accept where I am with it. (This acceptance stuff is not easy!) I accept where I am with it. Next set of tests in one week. Su-An

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