Reality check

I am beginning to see that I approach life with some naivete. As I talk with folks about hormones, I realise that it isn't as simple as it sounds. I can balance the ones in my body all I like, but I will still be at the mercy of those xeno-estrogens lurking in the environment. Please read: Slow Death by Rubber Duck if you haven't already. You can find it at http://slowdeathbyrubberduck.com/ or http://www.amazon.ca
It is one scary story of "how the toxic chemistry of everyday life affects our health."
The good news so far is that we have the surgery time tabled and also all the tests needed beforehand. That was a mammoth job during the last 3 days. Precious time taken from work projects to call hospitals, ask for appointments, leave messages, get called back with rejections and starting the whole process over. But we did it. Now the journey begins.
I also had my first N.A.E.T. treatment for allergic responses to calcium, soy, beans, amino acids and ....hormones. I have upped my calcium intake to 2,000mg per day and vitamin D to 2,000I.U. for help with the sleep cat-naps.
Today it hit me quite forcefully that I will be out of commission for a while. Maybe even longer. Who knows. In light of that I am asking for donations towards living costs. Am I really going through this nightmare one more time. Too hard to fathom. Signing out, SF

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