The reason I called myself a fractal or a mirror the other day is because this new lump is a mirror image of the old in the second breast - is there some message in that? All I can say is that it is a good thing I only have 2 of them.

This lump, like the last, loves estrogen. Guess what? My body is allergic to estrogen. It is rejecting it and the cancer is gobbling it up. Talk about hormone disconnect. There have been a couple of Groundhog Day moments back to the time of the first diagnosis - like being given a big box of chocolates practically on the day I am vowed to stop all, but all, sugar. And then finding myself craving the yoghurt (dairy/estrogen)one day before Christmas. Warning signs, not to mention my intuitive sense that my kidney and liver need some help.
I will say that my dietary excellence and optimal lifestyle habits work up to a point, because I am alive, but ultimately, it's just not in our hands....... Today we contemplated death and the wonder of life. I shovelled snow with a relish.

I also called the clinic to ask them to proceed with the arrangements for the surgery. I am being offered many healing treatments. Stay tuned!
Enough for today. SA

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